Dos of 2017 Marketing

As we all get adjusted to 2017, we should start of the new year knowing what does and does not work in terms of marketing this year. Recently both Forbes and AdWeek released their predictions of what will be the best way to reach new customers this year. Based on their predictions, we have the do’s of 2017 marketing.


Interaction is key in the current market. With Generation Z on the rise in terms of consumerism, it is critical to respond in a timely manner. Remember that with each generation, they are expecting faster, more detailed responses. Consumers want to know that they are being heard by brands.

Use influencers

Find out who or what influences your field and use them to your advantage. We’ve come into a market where consumers follow what others do, so find someone or something to influence your target audience. It could be a specific person or world events. Grab on to these trending names and roll with it.

Get into a niche

The niche market is exploding (ironic, I know) so get on board before a new trend surfaces. If it is possible to market to very specific, unique groups, do so. It doesn’t have to be limited to a single group, just make sure you don’t mix up the marketing campaigns. Find out who your best audiences are and target them. From there, word of mouth should help establish your brand name in the niche.

Images are everything

This year, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Consumers are sick of words so videos and images will be key to a decent marketing plan. Make sure to consider your audience and message in these images. Create content that they would appreciate but would also surprise them a little. It never hurts to trend for a little while for doing something different.

Check out these trend predictions and plan accordingly for 2017.


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