Cohesive Content Marketing

Foe those who are in the dark about what content marketing is, it is “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” To put this in simpler terms, it is the media and writing that is used in marketing to a set audience.

The importance of making this content cohesive lies with the company’s desired image. If your company is fun and laid back but your content is traditional and uptight, you are sending a contradicting message. The content posted should match the company’s personality while still being appealing to the target audience.

Content should be straight forward

People don’t like when companies beat around the bush so make your content direct. Give them the information they want in an uncomplicated format. The public is no longer impressed with complex pieces of content, rather they are drawn to unique and simple marketing. Since digital media is trending right now, be sure to utilize this. Give your message and add clickable links for people who want more information and spare those who don’t.

Content should be original

The majority of your content should be created by members of your team. If this is not the case, the content should at least be attributed to the creator. It is best to make your own, so that the content is more likely to work well with the company’s ideals and image. Also, don’t try to copy other businesses or people. Take ideas sure, but your company is not the same as their’s so don’t treat it as a copy

Content should be interesting

Your content should be attention-grabbing. People should want to consume and share this media with their friends and family. Again, don’t copy other people just because their stuff is cool. Their stuff does not fit your brand. Plus, no one wants to see a knock-off version of something they like.

If you’re still not sure as to what content is or how to use it in marketing, check out this article by Forbes giving a more in-depth examples.


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