Media of the Social Kind

When it comes to social media, there are certain rules that need to be considered before you post that Tweet. Some may seem obvious but let’s refresh your memory, just in case.

Know your audience

Just because you’re advertising to mainly teens, doesn’t mean you need to sound like one. When companies try to hard and misuse the modern slang, it looks bad. Stick to what you know appeals to your audience without losing too much of your company’s image.

Do your research

Especially when it comes to slogans and hashtags, it’s good to do some research. Using something that has links to porn, abuse, or other controversial topics cause some backlash. It may send the message that your company is making light of a serious topic. You also do not want to post an image that may have a hidden or misleading message, for your PR team’s sake.

Don’t ignore your audience

This doesn’t mean answer every single compliment or grievance, but make sure you respond to the more serious cases. It is important that your audience feels that they are heard by a company they support, otherwise they may no longer support you.

Develop relationships

While you are marketing on social media to advertise a product or service, that should not be all the content on your pages. Customers care about a brand’s relationship with their consumers. Be sure to interact and post content that fosters positive relationships between the company and consumer.

Of course, there are many more things to keep in mind while advertising on social media. Each platform warrants different techniques and content to maximize reach and interaction. Entrepreneur created a list of 10 laws to keep in mind while marketing on social media, check it out.


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