Marketing Digitally

When marketing on any digital platform, it is critical to create content that engages your customers. Remember that it’s not all about your product or service, it is also about how consumers connect with your brand. Follow these basic guidelines for increased interaction and hopefully a larger viewership.

Tell a Story

While your product is the main reason that you’re marketing, don’t make that the sole focus. People are interested and captivated by stories, so give them one. Make sure that whatever content you are putting out into the world of 1s and 0s is inviting and gives the viewer some insight as to who your company is and what your values are.

Choose Your Wording Carefully

There are certain words that trigger people to pay attention. Words like “new” or “free” grab the attention of the consumer and invites them to read more. Be sure to research the trigger words for your product or service in order to make your marketing engaging and attention-grabbing. The more views you get, the more you’re likely to sell.

Build Yourself Up

You have to establish your brand as a leader in the local field. This means referencing articles written about your company by an outside source, articles written by your CEO, or praising your company. Anything that makes you stand out against the many other companies doing what you do. Plus, it makes a good story (refer back to point 1).

Show Off Your Product or Service

This relates to the previous point but posting about positive reviews you’ve received can help out more than you know. That, along with showing people how your product works can sway customers that may be on the fence about choosing your company.


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