Optimizing Your Landing Page

With websites, there’s always a risk that people are going to take one look and hop off in search of another site. That’s why your landing page needs to be designed in a way that is both visually and informationally appealing to the viewer. You want people to stay on your page, not bounce on over to another one. Here are a few steps to optimize your landing page.

Use photos

It’s a known fact that people are more drawn to posts that have photos to go with them. Most people on Facebook won’t read a post unless there’s an image attached. Use this knowledge to your advantage. You should have a photo of your product or something to do with your service near the top of your landing page. This will visually interest the visitor and invite them to stay and see what you have to offer.

Explain your product

Your company should know what you’re about on the landing page. If your product or service is not featured, fix that as soon as possible. People are less likely to stay on a website if they have no idea where to find what they were searching for. This also means including the specials or sales going on. If the visitor feels like they have something to lose by leaving the page, chances are that they’ll stay.

Provide contact information

This is especially true if you have a service to offer. It should be easy for potential clients to make inquiries about your service or product. If they can’t get a hold of you, you risk losing their business to a company that is more accessible than you are.

These are just a few tips on how to optimize your home page. There are plenty more out there, including some great advice from the people at Forbes. Check them out and make your landing page one where people stick.




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