Efficient Email Marketing

We all get about 30 plus emails a day, with the content ranging from sales promotions to private conversations. That being said, it is easy for your company’s email to get lost in a sea of unread mail. Here are a few ways to stand out instead of going in the “mark all as read” category.

Send a welcome email

When you suddenly start receiving emails from a company, it’s good to have a refresher as to how they acquired it. Be sure to let them know all the good things that come with getting your emails so that they stay subscribers past the first one.

Avoid becoming spam

There are certain actions that will land your email in the spam folder. Make sure you do your research and keep yourself updated on the current CAN-SPAM act code. This includes a clear unsubscribe button and making it clear to subscribers what they’ll be getting for signing up.

Keep a calendar

Make sure you have a publishing schedule for your company’s emails. Sending too many will lead to a large numbers of people unsubscribing. Sending too few can result in the same problem on top of people forgetting about your brand.

Test the display

Different email servers and mobile devices display your messages in different ways. Make sure to test every device you’re marketing to ensure a readable message for all subscribers.

Be you

Do not stray from your brand image. Be sure to incorporate that into the language and design of your emails so customers know what kind of business you are, even when they’re not on your page or in your store.

Link it up

If you have a website or Facebook page, include links to them in your email. This will increase the traffic on your page and make your content easily accessible to the subscriber.

For more tips and tricks, visit Forbes.


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