The New Reality is Virtual

Virtual reality is one of the latest technological trends that marketers are trying to figure out. This new tech can be used for many entertainment purpose, allowing the viewer to experience a variety of things, such as a roller coaster or a haunted house. Marketers have begun to VR as a way of changing the shopping experience for their current and potential customers.

Take Mercedes for example. They took a key Instagram influencer and had them do an Instagram takeover. The influencer used VR and 360 experiences to showcase adventures featuring Mercedes’ vehicles.

Volvo is another example. They have customers sit in a leather seat, similar to the ones in their cars, and allow them to drive through country lanes and other interesting destination. This gives the customer the ability to experience driving in these locations even though they are unable to perform these actions in an actual test drive.

Lowe’s has also taken to VR. They have “Holorooms” that allow the customer to pick certain features and products to place in rooms. This gives the consumer a preview as to what the room will look like once it’s done.

Tom’s transports their customers to the locations where they donate shoes, allowing the consumers to experience the benefit of purchasing from their brand.

These examples are just the beginning for virtual reality marketing. The possibilities are endless, and each company will begin to explore exactly how their business could best utilize this product. This could be used in any industry, and for a variety of purposes. In the coming years, it will be interesting to see what is done with this incredibly experience-based technology and what brands make the most of this opportunity.


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